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Working from Home as a Single Mom

Working from Home as a Single Mom

Working from Home as a Single Mom

As a single mom of one, I was always looking to find ways to spend more time with my daughter.  I finally hit a home run when I began working from home almost 15 plus years ago.

There are so many ways to make money from home.  But if you're looking for something legit that can actually pay the bills and is a W2 tax earning position, here are a few places to begin looking.

One place to look is on Craigslist.  Beware, however, as there are so many scams out there.  But after a while, they are pretty easy to spot.  In order to find those job specifically offering remote/work from home positions, all you will want to do is to be sure you check the "telecommute ok" box on the left.  You also have the option to click the "contract" box in which you will find jobs that are all 1099.  There are legitimate 1099, work from home positions out there as well.  And if you interested in having a small corp or LLC set up for yourself, you can get a 1099 job and pay little to no taxes with all the write off benefits.  But that is for another article!

One legitimate company that offers full time, remote as an employee with full benefits is A Place for Mom.  You may be required to have some sales background experience.  And if you, this job can reward you handsomely.  Many folks earn six figures and top reps have been known to earn $250k plus annually.  Of course this can take several years to build up to that level. Some of their competitors even offer benefits that provide unlimited vacation and other perks.

Amazon is another company that offers remote customer service work.  You can simply google that.  Many work from home positions are common to the sales and appointment setting field.  If you are comfortable with that kind of work, it can earn you a nice income.  Appointment setting is a bit simpler than having to sell a product or service.  For example, I once worked for a company called Brandtrust out of Chicago, Illinois.  I worked just part time and was paid $15 an hour plus $150 for every appointment I set for their sales people.  I was making well over $3000 a month working just 4 hours a day back then.  They also provided all the leads and many had direct phone numbers and email to the decision makers.  It was a pretty awesome gig!  Then I went to work for another company for 4 hours a day setting appointments for that CEO.  Life was good!

But what if you're not comfortable with sales or lead generation work? Well, there are a lot of companies who also have customer service inbound positions that allow you to work remotely.  Check out the top 15 companies identified by Flexjobs to work remotely in customer service  

You could always go into affiliate marketing or open up your own ecommerce store too!  Hope you enjoyed the article and look forward to seeing you back!



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