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DIY Lava Lamps

DIY Lava Lamps

You can get creative with the type of container or bottle you use.

What you will need:

  • Vegetable oil (or get a clear oil)
  • Water
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Alka-Seltzer Tablets(as many as you choose, the more the merrier!)
  • Clear container (the taller and skinnier, the better the effect)

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Fill the container with 2 parts oil, 1 part water, leaving some room at the top of the container for a little bit of bubbling
  2. Drop in a few drops of food coloring
  3. Add an Alka-Selzer Tablet, start with 1/4 or a half a tablet to begin with
  4. Watch is fizz and bubble up to the top!