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Baby's First Year Of Learning

Baby's First Year Of Learning

Baby's First Year Of Learning

The amount an infant learns the first twelve months is incredible. What is better still is that you can help increase your baby's brain development, and it does not require a lot of money or time. You can use every day moments to help your baby boost his brain power. There are many educational toys that are available on the market today. You don't always need them to improve your baby's brain power.  You can use daily moments to do that. So get ready for the first amazing 12 months of your baby's learning.

Use wake up time to help boost your baby's brain. Seeing your grinning face each time they awaken assists the attention system. When your baby smiles back, that's his brain's mirror neurons working. Your are helping your child learn to communicate when you look at him and speak with him.

Baby's enjoy playing, and any kind of safe object can be a learning experience. Letting your baby touch and feel a number of objects allows them to observe how they vary. You can help baby learn by showing them how things work. If you have a baby toy with push buttons, then show baby how to push the buttons, soon they will be giving it a go by themselves.  Each time your child plays, he's also learning simultaneously. You can use safe items from around the home to help baby learn. All things are new for baby, so even feeling new textures is quite the learning experience. 

Your little one also learns by watching. So keep baby close while you are doing chores.  They love to watch while you're in motion. Also if baby does something that makes you smile, give them a big reaction, because if they get a result they are more likely to do it again to see you respond.

A relaxing activity for baby is the outdoors. So if you like to read, have the baby sit with you while you are reading. He will enjoy the together quiet time and you will get a few chapters of that novel you have been trying to read. Reading to your baby is beneficial in many ways and at any age.

Did you know that you're the most fascinating thing in your baby's life? Your baby learns a lot just by watching you. So keep your little one close when you are completing your daily tasks at home. Your baby is always watching you and your reactions. Babies like the big reaction that you give them when they do something fun and silly. He will be so pleased with your positive reaction and is why we've all seen baby's repeat themselves!

In short, you can engage your baby in a lot of different learning activities without having to purchase a ton of toys.  But sometimes that teether is a must!


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