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How to make a baby gift basket

How to make a baby gift basket

How to make a baby gift basket


We live in an exciting era where exclusiveness and creativity reign. People want to show personality, be different and stand out from the crowd, a trend which has also made its way into the world of gifting. It is true; more and more individuals cut back on big shopping trips and, instead, concentrate on making their own elite gifts.

Crafts are in, regardless the occasion. Birthdays, weddings, graduation or anniversaries, a tailor-made present always attracts attention. The list goes on and also includes an event, which is always highly anticipated and involves babies.

The arrival of a baby is usually celebrated in style. Parents enthusiastically embrace their new bundle-of-joy and their eagerness to show the world how thrilled they are is contagious. It even hooks you!

Baby gifts baskets are a welcome gift any time during or after pregnancy. They will be appreciated at a baby shower, at the hospital, christening or at a baptism. All you have to do is adapt the theme of the basket. When assembling the items for your gift basket, remember the following:- Include the entire family - The arrival of a baby affects the entire family. Memorable gifts will include at least a small present for the mother, something funky for dad and maybe a toy for an older sister or brother. Eventually, the newborn will grow up and enjoy that same toy.

- Add a personal message - The perfect baby gift basket also includes a personal sentiment. Add a store-bought or home-made greeting card, note or small keepsake to your basket. You would be surprised to know how many parents will also remember even the smallest details, because they are the components that make any gift truly special.

- Be creative - Increase your gift range by buying items that are different. You could even personalize bibs, towels, quilt a small blanket, or paint a plaque for the baby's room.  Or, how about a personalized pillow with baby foot prints or photo on it?  The ideas are endless.  Don't forget about the cutest photo props in case you want to make one for your own wee one!

- Pick a theme or color - Make your gift basket memorable by following the theme of the baby's room or the parent's preferred color. Sleeping bags, teddy bears, cuddle wraps, picture frames or piggy banks come in a wide variety of shades.

- Functionality - Ornaments and decorations are wonderful but, quite often, functional items represent better choices. A layette of beautiful, stylish, essential baby co-ordinates can be quite appreciated, especially if the baby is a firstborn. Toiletry items, massage lotions, rattles or hand carved mother-child sculptures can be wrapped in washcloths, burp pads, infant body suits, sleepwear or security blankets.

- Extraordinary containers - Do not limit yourself to a wicker basket when picking out a storage container for the gift assembly. Be imaginative and think outside the box. Adorable or useful, anything goes, including decorative boxes, diaper hampers, baby bassinets, mini wagons, a baby tub or baby bag.

Creating eye-catching baby gift baskets is not only fun, but can also save you tons of money. You can shop the bargains and make many items yourself, and you can even bake some cookies to take along when you deliver your gift basket. That will not only impress the proud parents, but the entire baby entourage!


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