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Suggestions for Baby Toys and Gifts For The Holidays

Suggestions for Baby Toys and Gifts For The Holidays

Suggestions for Baby Toys and Gifts For The Holidays

Babies don't really know what they want. Or do they?

Babies who are approximately 0-6 months old primarily appreciate toys for looking, listening, sucking or fingering. During the first three months of life, a baby will enjoy colorful toys and pictures. Watching the movement of toys and listening to soothing music will be most pleasing at this age.

Holiday season is fast approaching. No doubt, lots of people are already making a list planning out things to buy as a gift for babies who are close to their heart. Having some knowledge and understanding about the physical and mental development of children will surely enable the gift-giver to better choose holiday gifts for the little ones around them.

It is of hope that this article will help the reader understand some of the fundamental characteristics of babies aging 0-6 months old, with suggestions on the possible items or objects to choose.

Specifically, babies aging 0-2 months old, enjoy seeing and hearing interesting things. They are pleased to see colorful toys and pictures. They love watching the movement of toys and listening to soothing music. Experts though, suggested classical music as it is stimulating to mental development.

But then practically, you can also buy gifts like hanging toys or objects (mobiles) that when moved by wind, it will create sounds (but movement should be slow and noise not too loud or sudden). These objects should have bright primary colors with high contrasts. It is best; that objects should have simple designs with clear lines and features.

They will also appreciate human face features especially the eyes (no wonder why when you are talking to them, they will directly look straight to your eyes). They also appreciate toys or objects with bulls eye pattern. It is important to note that the toys for watching should be suspended at 8-14 inches that is approximately 200-160 mm from the eyes and angled toward his/her eyes, then must moved up out of reach when he or she can touch them.

It goes without saying, one must always take caution also with this and any kind of toys. Take note of the following:

  • no sharp points or edges,
  • no small parts to be lodged in throat, ears, nose,
  • no electrical pans,
  • nontoxic materials,
  • no glass or brittle plastic,
  • no pans to entrap fingers, toes, hands and
  • no long strings.

Babies of about 2-6 months old, have a growing interest on touching, holding, batting, turning shaking, kicking, mouthing and tasting objects (note that motor development is imminent during this period). You can then buy toys or objects that can produce effects by babies activity. It should be manipulative but when hold, it must be light and easy to grasp.

Stuffed animals and pillows can be a wonderful way to brighten up a baby that is close to your heart; but don't you ever place them in the crib, for they may cause skin irritation or suffocation.  It's always important to keep safety in mind as a most important factor in choosing an age appropriate toy.


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